Transferring to Remote Site

Installing WordPress on your Remote Hosting site

If you do not want to overtake your main domain, then you need to install on a subdomain. To install on a subdomain you must first create your subdomain from your C-Panel/your hosting’s web user interface.
You should then be able to go to your C-Panel’s web apps page and have WordPress installed into that subdomain.
You can then use FTP to upload your child theme folder that you created on your local server.
In theory you should be able to also export and upload your database for the WordPress site, but this can prove to be difficult because of format issues.
To export your database from your local installation so that you can upload and import it into your remote host database:

  1. Go to the local phpMyAdmin.
  2. Click on your WordPress Database and press Export.
  3. Choose the radial button for Custom Export Method.
  4. Under Format-specific options, choose MYSQL40 from the pulldown menu (this should make it compatible with your Remote host database format )
  5. Then click on Go at the bottom.
  6. Locate your database management area in your Remote host C-panel
  7. Locate the database that is being used for the WordPress site that you recently installed.
  8. Locate and run the Remote Host’s phpMyAdmin application.
  9. Make sure that the Database being used for the WordPress installation is selected and then press Import.
  10. Locate and import the database that you exported from your local XAMPP host. It should add all the existing database tables to the remote database. Hopefully it works.

First you need to drop the tables that the remote host created for you, then you can import your database tables from the database you exported from your local server – But I do not know how to make it use a database that I created from the beginning.